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Terms and Conditions

I understand that this is vintage furniture and repairs will not perfect the piece. I understand that the only repairs that will be made are the ones initially requested and given a price quote for. Any unforeseen problems (not included in price quote and/or noticed upon delivery) will be brought to the clients attention before any repairs are made. Folke will contact client regarding issue and will offer updated repair quote.


I agree to the colors, finishes and prices listed above. I agree that once work has begun, any changes in overall design are subject to additional fees and completion time. I understand that the estimated completion date is an estimate only and work may take longer due to any unforeseen repairs that may need to be done, supply deficits, and shipping delays on parts and/or supplies.


Full payment is required upon drop off/pick up of item to be repaired. Any items not paid in full within 90 days of completion date will become the property of Folke. Client has 90 days to pick up item after job completion notification - after said 90 days, item becomes the property of Folke.

I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE IS NO WARRANTY ON THE WORK OF THE RESTORED ITEM. If the piece requires additional work, there will be a fee.

If you require a "rush job", it could be available at additional cost.  Repair pick up and/or delivery will require additional cost.

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