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FOLKE has a passion for modern design and vintage craftsmanship. Timeless and highly original home styling is what distinguishes us from all others. We believe that superior quality, brilliant design and stylish luxury should be attainable by anyone that seeks it.

Our philosophy honors the importance of exemplifying these elements alongside our social responsibilities and our belief in environmental consciousness. We incorporate our found pieces with new work created by local visionaries, together they create a life and a style that reflects your original self.

We're foragers, creators, and illuminators and we’re changing the way you think about your home.


FOLKE was founded by husband and wife team, Matt Rascoe and Courtney Kittner-Rascoe in early 2019. Having backgrounds in art and design - Courtney graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and Matt from California Institute of the Arts, they began collecting mid-century furniture together thirteen years ago. Their ever growing hobby lead to collection overflow, which, along with creativity, ingenuity and their entrepreneurial backgrounds, sparked the idea to open FOLKE. Along with vintage furniture, you can find Scandinavian home decor, custom sofas and chairs, FOLKE candles and organic apothecary items (made by the couple themselves) and restoration services.

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