Our glass match bottles are an attractive and practical option to have on display anywhere in your home. Place them on your mantel or keep them next to your favorite candle, they only add to your decor. 


Each bottle features 50 of our yellow tipped wooden matches, a gold metal top, and strike-on-bottle striker for lighting your matches in style. 


• Wooden Matchsticks

• 50 count

• Product of Ventura, California


  • Product Information


    Matchsticks are wood. Container is glass and metal.


    Safety matchsticks: approximately 3" long

    Glass bottle with lid: 4"H x 2"W


    These matches are safety matches. Strike on flint on the side of the bottle. Replace lid when not using and store in a dry place. Please keep out of reach of children. Reuse or recycle bottle when empty.


    Matchesticks made in Lithuania 


vintage mid-century & scandinavian home decor

Folke [ pron. foh lk] is a Swedish name, which means "chief", derived from the Old Norse folk. 

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